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Therapy For Your Business

Define Problems. Create Solutions. Get Results

 What We Do? 


Your biggest issue as a Leader, an entrepreneur, or a salesperson is not your lack of skilll intelligence, or the need for better leads. 

Your biggest issue is finding someone that you can talk to about issues, who isn't involved and yet still understands what you are talking about. Let me help you discover the solutions within yourself. 


When emotional issues arise, you do not seek emotional consultants to find solutions for your mental health needs. you seek a therapist. Great therapists listen, ask, challenge, and guide individuals to find solutions that work best for themselves with no Judgement. We offer this service to you For your career or business. 

Unlike Consultants and most business coaches, we use the Socratic method of questioning, heavily influenced by modern therapy practices. what does this mean? whatever issue or issues you are dealing with in your career or in your business, we ask questions until we discover together what the root cause is and then work on solutions that will work specifically for you.

The solutions are custom to your specific needs and abilities, if there is a need for additional assistance, we will determine what that is together and do our best to find the right solution for you.

Over the last 25 years, our observation has been that solutions thought up by others rarely work, the only solution comes up within.

That is what we specialize in. The end is to develop these skills for going forward so that you can design solutions for any situation your business might face while addressing any problems that arise  for you now.


 Individual Coaching 

One-on-One coaching. Me, you, and endless possibilities. 
Every session is intentional and designed to enrich your life and career. Discover what success looks like for yourself. Build the tools to develop those dreams.  Unlock the hero within yourself. Are you brave enough to take the first step? 

 Guided Self-Coaching 

 Starting at $5 

Get the outstanding workbook The Sales Book for People Who HATE Sales' which takes you from introducing yourself to finishing the sale. 
Or, grab one of the Your Simple Guides'' to quickly learn or sharpen a skill. Whatever you choose, expect results. 

The Sales Book for People Who Hate Sales

Anna Agatat, Mt. Hood Reality

"Stuart's extensive knowledge and experience in sales really shine through in his book as well as in his coaching. He showcases the sales process in a whole different light and is able to help develop your sales strategy. From creating a mission statement to client interaction, Stuart is able to guide you through any sales challenges you might face." 

 About Stuart Rice 

For 25 years, Stuart Rice has been helping companies and individuals find success with customers. After working for industry-leading companies and achieving astronomical sales increases (of up to 500%), Stuart wants to bring the strategies and processes that brought him success in sales and management to your business.

Meet Stuart Rice - Level Up Business Cou

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