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When he was a child, Stuart wanted to be two things more than anything: a comedian and a psychologist. He did not end up doing one or the other of those things, instead Stuart picked a career where he used both of those things.

Since 1994, Stuart has inadvertently picked a career that involved sales in one way or the other. Stuart's career started in a deli, where he would interact with patrons ordering sandwiches and would do his best to make their mid-day meal brighter; then took that same enthusiasm to MusicLand, where he tried to help mall-goers expand their musical tastes.

A brief stint in manufacturing highlighted for Stuart that he enjoyed interacting with people more than he enjoyed following custom cable harnesses around a production floor and he moved his career to Fry's Electronics in 1996.

Stuart has often, jokingly, referred to his career at Fry's as more of an education than a job. While at Fry's, Stuart moved from salesperson to manager to buyer over the course of 2 years finding success managing sales teams and getting outstanding performance out of staff that other managers had given up on. Stuart's success managing a team of 25 in one of Fry's enormous stores drew the attention of the home office where he was asked to join the purchasing team and use his talents to help the company hit new heights. During this time, Stuart was instrumental in growing the video game division for Fry's from a $50M business to a $250M business and seating them as a powerhouse in the industry. Using innovative strategies, Stuart was able to grow overall profitability as well and helped set the home video game market on fire by having Fry's be the first retailer to market "Dance Dance Revolution" to a U.S. audience that the manufacturer regarded as "not active enough". 

Family brought Stuart out of the Bay Area and into Portland, OR where he went to work for Standard TV & Appliance in 2004, a large regional and independent appliance home store where he was hired as a buyer for electronics and mattresses. After growing the electronics business for Standard 300% over his first 12 months, Stuart became infatuated with the mattress business, and brokered lucrative supply deals that helped grow that business 300% as well as increasing exposure for Standard and profits for the category as a whole.

His success at growing the mattress business at Standard drew the attention of one of his suppliers, and for the first time in 10 years Stuart stepped back from behind the buyer's desk and back into the role of sales in 2006, this time tasked with training and coaching retail salespeople with product knowledge for Simmons Bedding Co. After a couple of years talking about coils and foam, it became clear to Stuart that the most benefit he could give the salespeople was not just more information about mattresses, but start working on fundamental sales skills and giving great direction on how to utilize the sales process to be beneficial to the customer as well as making the jobs of salespeople easier. Stuart listened to many sales and other self-improvement books on his long sales drives to develop a system for onboarding mattress salespeople easier and more effectively. After starting to implement these practices, Stuart was awarded top sales honors in both 2012 and 2013 for the company.

In 2019, Stuart decided it was time to expand these methods to industries outside of mattresses, electronics and video games, and his focus on helping entrepreneurs and non-sales professionals accept and become more passionate about making their clients and customer's lives and experiences better. After developing a program called "The Wow Experience" it became evident to Stuart that the best way to communicate all of the information and exercises he had developed over the years would be best presented in a workbook, and the idea of "The Sales Book for People Who HATE Sales" was born. Due out in 2020, Stuart hopes that it will help professionals of all caliber and budgets be able to increase their abilities and take their careers to the next level.

When not talking about, reading about, thinking about or writing about sales, Stuart really enjoys producing "Sketch Comedy Podcast Show" his podcast where he invites interesting people to have intriguing conversations and then improvises a comedy sketch about what was just talked about; it is the only show like it on the internet. Stuart also enjoys spending time with his 3 older offspring and his very conveniently-located girlfriend, Mary, who lives in Denver, CO.