The Sales Book for People Who HATE Sales

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Are you new to sales? 

Have you been in sales but want more? 

Would you like more impactful interactions? 

Realize your full potential.

Whether you sell to companies or individuals, work for a corporation, or for yourself there is one constant: Customers.

This book will help you develop tools designed to create outstanding customer interactions.

This guide contains everything you need to: 

● Feel Prepared
● Communicate Impeccably
● Empower Customer Decisions
● Complete The Sale

Without feeling like you are selling your soul.

Join the New Sales Revolution.

Where Sales is Noble,
We treat others how they want to be treated,
and Customers always come first.

If you are new to sales, this book is a complete guide, from introducing yourself to finishing the sale.

An authentic and ethical approach to the art of selling and customer interaction. One that gets results.

Unlike other sales books that focus on what made the author successful in their career, "The Sales Book for People Who HATE Sales" guides you to write a sales book specifically FOR YOU. The exercises and tools are designed to unlock your full potential in creating outstanding business relationships and incredible experiences for your customers.Whether you are new to sales, have been a sales professional or have finally realized that sales is more a part of your life than you realized you will feel more empowered and inspired for your next customer.

Inside, there are chapters that cover and help you build tools to:

- Create Mission/Vision/Value statements
- Identify your ideal client
- Build your product knowledge
- Understand your competition
- Do SWOT analysis
- Time management
- Create good meetings
- S.M.A.R.T. goal setting and achievement
- Build rapport
- Introduce yourself effectively
- Communicate in a way to promote good conversation
- Build value in yourself and what you are selling
- Overcome objections
- Confidently introduce yourself
- Plan for meetings in productive ways
- Set goals that make a difference
- Finish the sale to promote more business with your customers
- Take "no" as an answer and turn it into a customer-for-life
and much, much more.

If you are interested in coaching for sales performance, coaching for success, coaching for small business owners, coaching for improved performance this book will lay the groundwork to get you where you want to be in your career.

"The Sales Book for People Who HATE Sales" is a workbook focused on building confidence and creating great customer experiences for professionals looking to improve their performance by using the No-Friction, 6-Step sales process, and the S.E.L.L. method, using exercises allowing them to build tools and behaviors designed specifically to create customer-first experiences based on tried-and-true sales processes, modern consumer purchasing behaviors, self-realization techniques, Eastern philosophy and is implemented hands-on, offering customized tools that can be referenced for years after.

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Easy guides. Quick reads.

Get the information and tools you need.


$4.99 for Kindle / $7.99 for Paperback

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