The Sales Book for People Who HATE Sales

($49.99 Paperback, $9.99 Kindle)

The Sales Book for People Who HATE Sales (Kindle Edition)

Are you new to sales? 

Have you been in sales but want more? 

Would you like more impactful interactions? 

Realize your full potential.

Whether you sell to companies or individuals, work for a corporation, or for yourself there is one constant: Customers.

This book will help you develop tools designed to create outstanding customer interactions.

This guide contains everything you need to: 

● Feel Prepared
● Communicate Impeccably
● Empower Customer Decisions
● Complete The Sale

Without feeling like you are selling your soul.

Join the New Sales Revolution.

Your Simple Guide Business Series

Easy guides. Quick reads.

Get the information and tools you need.

$4.99 for Kindle / $7.99 for Paperback

Simple Guide to Working Relationships and pasrtnerships

The Wow Blue Print

Simple Guide To Creating Great Personal & Professional Conversations

Simple Guide To Closing A Sale

Simple Guide To Creating Mission Vision & Value Statements

Simple Guide To Asking The Right Question

Simple Guide To Create Great Rapport

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