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All heroes follow a path.

​When will you start your journey?

Life is unexpected

Perhaps you have a new job. 


You have left a job in pursuit of something extraordinary.

The business you have always dreamed about is becoming a reality.

An exciting change is about to take place, and that is the start of your journey. 

You are equal parts ecstatic and terrified. These are normal feelings, because you are going through change.


You do not have to do it alone.


You are faced with the unknown

When we are deciding to make a choice, we do not consider every outcome.

Starting a new job means that there are new relationships to create and new rules to follow.

Leaving a job means leaving security behind and venturing into the unknown.

Creating a business off of an idea is more than fostering an idea, it is about building a foundation.

Understand that this experience is unique to you, and many others have taken this journey.

Learn from them.

Challenges arise

No matter how much you believe you prepare, things will always change. 

Plans will not work the way you believe they will.

The world suffers through a catastrophe and has an effect on your life and those of others.

When these challenges arise, you must persevere. 

But how? If you were not prepared for this challenge, then how do you know what to do?

This is where most just give up. Is that you?

This is where a caring, wise, and compassionate voice can help. Someone who can take the pressure off. Someone who can help guide.


Help reveals itself

Every hero relies on others. Someone who has walked the path, or someone who has insight.

Luke had Obi-Wan, then Yoda. Harry had Dumbledore. King Arthur had Merlin. The list goes on...

...they never did it alone.

Once the path is opened for you, the true learning begins. 

Discovering more about yourself and your motivations.

Realizing your strengths, and understanding areas you can improve.

Gaining tools and strategies that will help you become more successful than you believe for yourself.

This person believes in you.

Revelation:  Here is where your journey becomes exciting

This is when Luke gets the lightsaber and starts learning the Force. Harry gets his wand. King Arthur pulls the sword from the stone... the part of the story that defines the character.​ For you, this is learning the skills that will help you create the career, business, or life that you want.​ Keep reading if you would like to know more about the hero's journey and how I would like to see if I can help you on your path.​  However, if you are interested at this point, do not delay. Time doesn't stop for anyone.



While working with the mentor, the hero has a revelation. One that allows the hero to progress beyond the struggles they have endured.

For Luke, it was using the Force. For Harry, learning magic. For Arthur, becoming a king.

This transformation takes many shapes. One transformation is a constant: confidence.

The hero feels completely at ease in their abilities and in their plan.

No longer confined to being a student, the transformed hero sets out on their own and starts to finish what they have started. 

They start to take the path of the master.


Finally, the hero uses their newfound mastery to tackle whatever comes their way.

Armed with the right tools.

Belief in their abilities.

And knowing that they are not alone.

Achieving greatness is not difficult, the pathway to greatness is. 

You want to be here, this is where you belong. If you are not at this point now, you might see where having someone in your corner, who believes in you and can offer guidance can make your journey easier and, more importantly, successful.

I look forward to talking with you and learning more about your path.

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I believe everyone deserves to go on their journey.​ And everyone deserves a worthy mentor.

My hope is that you find the path you want to pursuit and that you have every advantage to get to your end goal.


Your next level


What I Offer?
  • 25 Years of ​experience. I have won, lost, and have achieved great things in business and in my personal life.

  • Focus on you and your needs. I only take 10 clients at any given time.

  • You are a client for life, meaning that if you have questions later, I am happy to answer them.

  • Everything about our coaching sessions is private.

  • Coaching sessions are not on a timer, if more time is needed, more time will be given.

  • My first coaching session is free with no obligations and no pressure to work with me. I want to help you get on the right path and if that includes working with me, I am excited to assist you in unlocking the hero within.